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A propos Dowland

The Forge Players: Flow my tears

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Everone who is a little annoyed with Sting’s interpretation should check out The Forge Players’s Flow my tears. (I discovered them in real rhapsody). This CD is a collaboration between a classical string quintet, two non-classical vocalists (Freddy Wadling and Mikael Samuelson), and a couple of lute-, theorbo-, guitar-specialists (Lars Akerlund, Hallbus Totte Mattson, Roger Tallroth). If you were missing some colors and ideas in Sting’s recording, listening to this album will give you plenty of that. The singers are not trying to be early music specialists, they tell stories, miss notes, have problems with intonation, and yet their voice fascinate me. A little shrill, a little dark, a little strange…

The Forge Players: Flow My Teares. Atrium 3984-22109-2.


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  1. For some reason, the singer makes me think of a happy Nick Cave. I am not sure why.

    Posted by Coach Zoe | October 20, 2006, 12:19 am
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