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Don Menza and Harald Rüschenbaum Trio

Yesterday night I went to the Munich Jazzclub “Unterfahrt”. Very nice location (good service, nice interieur, and non-smoking!), go check it out some time. The concert was great. Don Menza is 70 years old but he plays like a young man. What I found most interesting was the contrast between the American style of playing that Menza embodies and the European idiom that Walter Lang, the pianist of the trio, plays in. At times you could see how Menza, listening to Lang with great interest and concentration, tried to adapt to this European way of playing. For instance Menza would take over a line from Walter, slowly playing around with his melodic configurations transforming them gradually into something more familiar to him. In moments like these one could feel both the distance between the two musicians and their mutual respect for each other. Great show.


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