Heartily Approved

I can only support Michael Arrington’s ideas over at TechCrunch. Yes, an easy-to-use-larger-than-stamp-size-internet-tablet is what we all want. And while we’re at it: what about a same-size, touch screen eReader that let’s you annotate texts and comes with a zotero-like software to organize your bibliography?


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  1. I think that would be the point of building a simple interface on top of already existing standards (such as linux): it would be pretty basic to adapt Zotero or Ghostview (or even Adobe Reader) to run on TechCrunch’s tablet if it existed and were not locked down. Though that hardly seems that innovative once Apple got it through their heads that opening up the iPhone 2 to outside development was actually a good idea.

    It seems like the great innovation in tablets comes from the notion that we don’t really want a pen to interact with them (I rarely take my pen out). We want to draw with our fingers, and when it comes to entering words, we want a keyboard to appear on the screen for us to type on. Not handwriting recognition, no matter how good it is getting lately.

    Posted by Michael Cuthbert | July 23, 2008, 5:03 am
  2. […] up on a comment by Myke Cuthbert, here is my wishlist for an ideal eReader / Internet tablet. This list is compiled […]

    Posted by Zeitschichten | The Ideal eReader | July 23, 2008, 9:27 am

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