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Listening online

Listening online

This post addresses a topic that I’ve hoped to write about for a while: resources for listening to classical music online. I’m planning to stick to resources that are free (no iTunes) and accessible to anyone (no Naxos/Classical Music Library) as well as not potentially infringing on copyright (YouTube). For this post, I will discuss three of my favorites and welcome you to submit others. I’d like to investigate other possibilities for listening online, so please feel free to comment and leave more suggestions.

Bodily Expression in Electronic Music

The University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz announced a three-day symposion on Bodily Expression in Electronic Music. Speakers include Isabel Mundry, Georgina Born, Federico Celestini, Andreas Dorschel, Deniz Peters, Alva Noe, Simon Emmerson, Pauline Oliveros, Gerhard Eckel, and Kendall Walton.

HYDRA @ Harvard (Tonight and Tomorrow)

HYDRA @ Harvard (Tonight and Tomorrow)

HYDRA @ Harvard Friday, December 12 and Saturday, December 13 at 8:00pm in John Knowles Paine Concert Hall Harvard University The concerts will feature new work by students of Hans Tutschku’s _Electronic Composition_ and _Electronics: Music and Space_ courses, plus performances of Iannis Xenakis’ Legende d’Eer (Friday), Bernard Parmegiani’s Capture Éphémère (Saturday), and Hans Tutschku’s […]

It is a pleasure to be writing for Zeitschichten!  Ironically, when I was asked to contribute by Matthias, I specifically said, ‘Sure, as long as I can write about something other than Stockhausen!’  Oh, the irony. One of the disadvantages of teaching music post-World War Two can be difficulties in bringing recordings to class.  If […] still not useful for classical music listeners

As some of you may already know, has added a mp3-store to its portfolio recently. While I welcome this move, especially since the mp3s are DRM-free, the main drawback with the service, namely its poor user interface, still remains an issue. The problem as I see it is a lack of a sufficient search-engine […]

The Future of Music Making

Surfing the web today, I came across a very interesting talk by our music colleagues from the MIT Media Lab. In this video talk Tod Machover, Adam Boulanger, and Dan Ellsey give a quick overview on their work on new musical instruments and the impact that their research has on society. What I find most […]

German Radio

For all you radio junkies out there check out the WDR RadioRecorder. This neat tool lets you record the streams of the WDR radio station to your computer. The big plus of this software is that you can select specific programs you wish to record via a clean interface. The program will then save the […]

Mantra at Harvard

Yesterday we heard Stockhausen’s Mantra at Harvard. Frank Gutschmidt and Benjamin Kobler captivated their audience in a late-night performance that was colorful, precise, groovy, and overwhelmingly lucid. What I liked most about their interpretation was the sense of unity that they created; at times one had the feeling that all the music came from one […]

Salzburg Wrap-up

Ok, this year’s festival was a short one for me. I saw only a couple of performances but some of these were really excellent!

The SCRIBE Project is online

Dear colleagues: It is my pleasure to invite you to SCRIBE, an interdisciplinary and open research group that develops a software system for searches of music manuscripts by handwriting similarity. The group is designed as an open collaboration between individuals, which means that anyone is welcome to join. At the moment the project is seeking […]


This might be the book I’ve been waiting for:

Conference on Mathematics and Computation in Music

From May 18 – 20, the Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung will host the inaugural conference of the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music (SMCM). The conference will feature a diverse set of promising papers on topics such as Metalanguage and Representation, Computational Models in Music Psychology, Mathematical Approaches to Composition, Mathematical Approaches to Musical […]

Free Mozart Edition Online

The Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum (ISM) has launched the free online version of the Neue Mozart Ausgabe (NMA). The website contains scans of the complete works of Mozart as well as the accompanying critical commentaries. Check out the site at In a next step the ISM will work on a new Digital Mozart Edition that […]

What Rhapsody is lacking

Real Rhapsody is a music subscription service that I have been using for quite a while now. It features millions of pop songs, jazz tunes, and classical works. The catalogue is pretty amazing, rarely do they not have what I am looking for. All it takes to listen to days of music is a broadband […]

A Music Search Engine

UMI is a good thing. If you ask them nicely they will send you information about and links to all the newly uploaded doctoral dissertations in North America. Today I came across an interesting thesis from McGill University by Ian Knopke (reference below). Ian worked on a music search engine that, unlike the standard search […]

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