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It is a pleasure to be writing for Zeitschichten!  Ironically, when I was asked to contribute by Matthias, I specifically said, ‘Sure, as long as I can write about something other than Stockhausen!’  Oh, the irony. One of the disadvantages of teaching music post-World War Two can be difficulties in bringing recordings to class.  If […]

NetNewMusic: a portal for contemporary music

Check out NetNewMusic, a portal for contemporary music where you can listen to new compositions, read news about all the fresh music that is out there, and discuss with fellow new music enthusiasts.

The Ideal eReader

Following up on a comment by Myke Cuthbert and a previous post at TechCrunch, here is my wishlist for an ideal eReader / Internet tablet. This list is compiled from a research / academic perspective, so I guess that basically everyone who is in academia or research will be a potential customer. Hopefully academic publishers […]

Heartily Approved

I can only support Michael Arrington’s ideas over at TechCrunch. Yes, an easy-to-use-larger-than-stamp-size-internet-tablet is what we all want. And while we’re at it: what about a same-size, touch screen eReader that let’s you annotate texts and comes with a zotero-like software to organize your bibliography?

Skype, Facebook, YouTube = Fun Evening

Earlier on today I was chatting with a friend from Munich who seemed to have a lot of fun with the YouTube videos of the Mozart Karaoke that I put on this blog a while back. By accident I came across an interesting video on facebook today that I wanted to share with you. Remember […]

Free Mozart Edition Online

The Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum (ISM) has launched the free online version of the Neue Mozart Ausgabe (NMA). The website contains scans of the complete works of Mozart as well as the accompanying critical commentaries. Check out the site at In a next step the ISM will work on a new Digital Mozart Edition that […]

What Rhapsody is lacking

Real Rhapsody is a music subscription service that I have been using for quite a while now. It features millions of pop songs, jazz tunes, and classical works. The catalogue is pretty amazing, rarely do they not have what I am looking for. All it takes to listen to days of music is a broadband […]

A Music Search Engine

UMI is a good thing. If you ask them nicely they will send you information about and links to all the newly uploaded doctoral dissertations in North America. Today I came across an interesting thesis from McGill University by Ian Knopke (reference below). Ian worked on a music search engine that, unlike the standard search […]

Great Conversations in Music

Summer leaves town. It’s getting colder, darker, and rainier in Berlin these days, and yet no opera season begins. What can one do? Listen to music, read books, write dissertations, and – of course – browse the web. Let me tell you, there is a lot to discover when you type “conversations about music” into […]

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