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Un-Music Conference @ Harvard this Week-End

An exciting program with speakers from the US, Canada, Turkey, France, and Italy! Keynote by Jonathan Sterne from McGill University: “Is Music a Thing?” Composers’s Roundtable with Lou Bunk (Brandeis University), Maxwell Dulaney (Brandeis University), Davide Ianni (Boston University), and Adam Roberts (Harvard University). Moderated by Jean-Francois Charles. Details at

The Operatic Canon: Forgotten Chestnuts and Poisoned Violets

The Operatic Canon: Forgotten Chestnuts and Poisoned Violets

As a genre, opera is not a high earner. Indeed, the amount of money that must be invested to produce one is staggering: the costs are high and possibility for success unpredictable. Thus the question of programming has been a primary concern since the start of public opera. What will audiences want to hear? How can balance be achieved between the composition and its execution? Which works will keep the reliable patrons coming and draw in new audience members to the performance?

CFP: Un-Music, Harvard Graduate Music Forum Conference – March 7, 2009

CFP: Un-Music, Harvard Graduate Music Forum Conference –  March 7, 2009

The Harvard Graduate Music Forum announces its sixth graduate student conference, “Un-Music,” taking place on March 7, 2009. We invite graduate students from all disciplines to interpret this theme broadly and creatively. Historical, ethnographical, analytical, and compositional approaches are welcome.

The Blue Heron Landing…

The Blue Heron Landing…

Yesterday night, the First Church of Cambridge was the home of the renaissance choir Blue Heron. Under the direction of Scott Metcalfe, the Blue Heron presented secular and sacred music from the Peterhouse partbooks (copied for the Canterbury Cathedral in the first half of the 16th century and named after their current home at Peterhouse College in Cambridge, England), from the Fayrfax Manuscript and from Henry VIII’s Manuscript.

“Crosscurrents” Conference Coming Closer

Mark your calendars for “Crosscurrents,” a conference on “American and European Music in Interaction, 1900 – 2000.” Speakers include Michael Denning, Celia Applegate, Tobias Bleek, Giselher Schubert, Brigid Cohen, David Schiff and many more. Sessions will be chaired by Andrew Shenton (Boston University), Felix Meyer (Paul Sacher Foundation), Wolfgang Rathert (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität), Joseph Auner (Tufts University), […]

The Ideal eReader

Following up on a comment by Myke Cuthbert and a previous post at TechCrunch, here is my wishlist for an ideal eReader / Internet tablet. This list is compiled from a research / academic perspective, so I guess that basically everyone who is in academia or research will be a potential customer. Hopefully academic publishers […]

The SCRIBE Project is online

Dear colleagues: It is my pleasure to invite you to SCRIBE, an interdisciplinary and open research group that develops a software system for searches of music manuscripts by handwriting similarity. The group is designed as an open collaboration between individuals, which means that anyone is welcome to join. At the moment the project is seeking […]

Again, the first prize goes to…

not only do they have the best composer website of all times. No, this time they really surprized everyone. Check it out for yourself. 38 videos produced by the Arnold Schoenberg Center at YouTube. Amongst them this interesting interview with Mitsuko Uchida:

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