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Why improvise? A Review of Gabriela Montero’s New Album “Baroque”

Why improvise? A Review of Gabriela Montero’s New Album “Baroque”

In one of his countless interviews Friedrich Gulda remarked that those who cross boundaries are considered by society either as “revolutionaries or fools.” That, like so many of Gulda’s views, is somewhat exaggerated and simplistic, but there lies a kernel of truth in this assessment: going beyond the boundaries of our ordered world, one can either discover a land of wonderful possibilities or shipwreck in a stormy sea losing orientation and direction.

Pierre-Laurent Aimard On Capitalism and Helmut Lachenmann

“Introducing ‘Guero’ (1970) by Helmut Lachenmann, Mr. Aimard explained that the pianist is supposed to perform the piece mostly by scraping his fingernails along the edges of the keys to evoke the sounds of an African instrument that is played by scratching a stick along the ribbed side of a woodblock. Instead, to protect his […]

Boulez: Sonata No 1

Here is a video from YouTube featuring Pierre-Laurent Aimard playing Pierre Boulez’s first Sonata. It’s a cool performance and a cool piece. The question is: what do the subtitles say?

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