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German Radio

For all you radio junkies out there check out the WDR RadioRecorder. This neat tool lets you record the streams of the WDR radio station to your computer. The big plus of this software is that you can select specific programs you wish to record via a clean interface. The program will then save the […]

What Rhapsody is lacking

Real Rhapsody is a music subscription service that I have been using for quite a while now. It features millions of pop songs, jazz tunes, and classical works. The catalogue is pretty amazing, rarely do they not have what I am looking for. All it takes to listen to days of music is a broadband […]

A Music Search Engine

UMI is a good thing. If you ask them nicely they will send you information about and links to all the newly uploaded doctoral dissertations in North America. Today I came across an interesting thesis from McGill University by Ian Knopke (reference below). Ian worked on a music search engine that, unlike the standard search […]

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